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in Early Detection

At Dr. Vaidya's Laboratory in Naupada, Thane, we pioneer advanced diagnostic services tailored to the unique health needs of our community. Our dedication to incorporating cutting-edge diagnostic technologies underlines our commitment to providing you with the most accurate and early detection methods available today.

Introducing NIRAMAI's Thermalytix

Your partner in early detection and advanced breast health screening

In our relentless pursuit to offer the best in healthcare, we’re proud to introduce Thermalytix by NIRAMAI—a groundbreaking innovation in the field of breast cancer screening. With the power of Artificial Intelligence and thermal imaging, Thermalytix offers a new hope for early detection, especially for women with dense breast tissue where traditional methods may falter.

Understanding Breast Cancer Screening

Breast cancer screening is a critical health procedure for the early detection of breast cancer. With the advent of advanced technologies like Thermalytix, we at Dr. Vaidya’s Laboratory are at the forefront of a diagnostic revolution, providing a beacon of hope for women across Maharashtra and beyond.

Why is early detection crucial?

Early detection of breast cancer is paramount because it directly influences treatment success and survival rates. The sooner breast cancer is found, the more likely it is that treatment will be effective, resulting in better health outcomes.

Challenges with Traditional Screening Methods

Traditional mammograms, while effective for many, have limitations. They often fall short when it comes to women with dense breast tissue, where mammography's X-rays can miss tumours obscured by dense glandular tissue. Moreover, the discomfort and the small risk associated with radiation exposure can deter women from regular screenings.

The Benefits of Thermalytix in Early Detection

Thermalytix, an innovative AI-powered thermal imaging technology, ushers in a new era of precision in breast health:

Non-Invasive and Safe

Thermalytix is a contactless procedure that does not involve radiation, making it safe for repeated use and suitable for women of all ages, including those with dense breasts or at higher risk of breast cancer.

Enhanced Accuracy

Leveraging the power of AI, Thermalytix interprets thermal images with remarkable precision, increasing the likelihood of early breast cancer detection, especially in dense breast tissue.

Comfortable and Accessible

The screening is not only quick and comfortable but also accessible, making it easier for women to commit to regular check-ups without the fear of discomfort that comes with mammograms.

Early Intervention

By detecting subtle physiological changes that precede structural changes, Thermalytix can identify potential concerns earlier than conventional methods, allowing for prompt intervention.

Global Acceptance

The widespread adoption and validation across continents underscore the reliability and effectiveness of Thermalytix as a preferred method for breast screening.

Reduces Anxiety

The rapid, real-time results of the Thermalytix test can help reduce the anxiety associated with waiting for results, providing peace of mind sooner.

Dr. Vaidya's Laboratory

Innovation in Screening: NIRAMAI's Thermalytix

Thermalytix technology harnesses the subtle thermal variations and patterns in breast tissue to identify potential health concerns earlier than ever before. By integrating the precision of AI with sensitive thermal imaging, we offer a more comfortable and less invasive experience, outperforming conventional mammography for those with dense breasts.

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    Global Reach and Regulatory Compliance

    Adoption and Accessibility

    Thermalytix is trusted by over 150 hospitals and diagnostic centres globally, reflecting its worldwide acceptance and the confidence the medical community places in this technology.

    International Presence and Standards

    Thermalytix presence spans across India and beyond, with regulatory approvals including the CE Mark and strict adherence to ISO 13485 and MDSAP, ensuring you receive care that meets global standards.

    Clinical Efficacy and Research

    Research shows that Thermalytix has a significantly higher sensitivity for women with dense breasts, about 25% more than traditional mammography. This efficacy is supported by extensive clinical studies, including:

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    Embrace peace of mind with the most advanced breast cancer screening technology. Visit Dr. Vaidya’s Laboratory for a Thermalytix test, a step towards ensuring your breast health. Together, we can make breast cancer a lesser foe through early detection and advanced care.

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      FAQs on Thermalytix Breast Cancer Screening

      The Thermalytix screening is a simple, non-contact process. It involves the use of a high-resolution thermal sensing device that captures thermal images without any radiation or pressure applied to the breast. The whole process is privacy-conscious, comfortable, and typically completed within minutes.

      Yes, we are aware of the FDA’s warning about thermography. It’s important to note that Thermalytix is a more advanced technology that combines thermal imaging with artificial intelligence for more accurate readings, and it complies with regulatory standards, including having obtained CE Marking for European countries.

      The novelty of this solution lies in its proprietary Thermalytix technology, which uses a unique AI algorithm to analyze thermal images and detect early signs of breast cancer, often before physical symptoms develop or before they are detectable by traditional methods.

      While both use thermal imaging, Thermalytix incorporates artificial intelligence to enhance the accuracy and predictive power of thermal analysis, overcoming some of the limitations of conventional thermography.

      During breast screening, thermal images of the breasts are taken using a high-resolution thermal camera. These images are then analyzed by AI algorithms for abnormalities that may indicate the presence of breast cancer.

      The ideal time for screening is one week after your menstrual period ends when the breasts are least likely to be tender or swollen, providing more consistent results.

      Breast Screening is available at Dr Vaidya’s Laboratory, Naupada, Thane. Please visit our website or contact us for information on the nearest screening centre to you.

      While there is no absolute minimum age for screening, it is typically recommended for women aged 25 and above. However, if you have a family history of breast cancer, discuss with your healthcare provider whether you should be screened earlier.

      No, Thermalytix screening is completely painless as it is non-contact and does not require any compression of the breasts.

      Yes, Thermalytix has obtained regulatory clearances including a CE Mark for European countries and complies with international standards such as ISO 13485 and MDSAP.

      Having a relative with breast cancer can increase your risk. It is important to discuss your family history with a healthcare provider, who can guide you on appropriate screening strategies and risk reduction measures.

      Screening frequency can depend on several factors, including age, family history, and genetic predisposition. Generally, an annual screening is recommended, but please consult with your healthcare provider for personalized advice.

      To ensure accurate results, avoid heavy exercise, hot showers, or applying lotions or deodorants on the breasts before the screening. It’s also advisable to wear comfortable clothing and avoid caffeine for a few hours before the appointment.

      The ideal age to start breast cancer screening varies, but most guidelines suggest starting at the age 30 to 50 for the general population. If you have a higher risk due to family history or other factors, your doctor may recommend starting earlier. Always consult with a healthcare provider to determine the best schedule for you.