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Dr. Vaidya's Lab

Services Offered

Patient care is at the heart of what we do. Whether you are a hospital, doctor, clinic, or an individual looking for home collection services, we offer high-quality diagnostic services to suit your needs. We also partner with corporates for their healthcare


Our services for hospitals include frequent and timely sample pick-ups, home collection for patients, optional deployment of a sample collection assistant at your facility, report delivery to both doctor and patient and same-day reporting for samples collected before 2 PM.


We provide specialized services to clinics and doctors that include hassle-free sample collection, immediate report processing, report delivery to both doctor and patient and same-day reporting for samples collected before 2 PM. We also offer the option for a sample collection assistant at your clinic for maximum convenience.


For our corporate clients, we offer tailored services that include periodic health check-ups, on-site sample collection, provision to deploy a sample collection assistant at your facility, report delivery to both HR and the employee, and a comprehensive health report to assist in health monitoring.

Home Sample Collection

We ensure the comfort and convenience of our patients with home sample collection services. This includes the provision of professional sample collection at your home, immediate processing of samples, digital report delivery, and same-day reporting for samples collected before 2 PM. We also offer professional guidance for understanding your reports.

Always Strive to Lead
First in Thane District to get NABL accreditation
First 24x7 Laboratory
First to Automise Haematology & Biochemistry
First to Automise Microbiology
First to bring all the techniques like RIA, Elisa, Dry Chemistry, BSLIII lab & automatisation of all the sections

Leading pathology laboratory in Mumbai's

Preventive Health Checkup Packages

Introducing NIRAMAI's Thermalytix

Your Partner in Early Detection and Advanced Breast Health Screening

Enhancing Patient Outcomes with Advanced Testing Solutions

Advanced Genetic and Diagnostic Solutions for Maternal and Fetal Health

Introducing SN GENE Lab

Advanced capabilities in genetic and molecular diagnostics

Dr. Vaidya's Lab
Scope of Service

All routine tests for clinical diagnosis

Special test like Thyroid & other Hormones ,Cancer markers like Total & free PSA, Ca125, Ca15.3, Ca19.9, Inflammatory markers like CRP, Vitamins

Prothrombin time


Tests for Diabetes like HbA1C, Insulin C-Peptide

D-Dimer etc, Emergency tests like electrolytes CK- MB , TropI I

Molecular tests like Viral load, HLA B27, T.B.PCR & Gene Xpert

Haemoglobin & Protein Electrophoresis

Routine Culture Sensitivity & AFB Culture & Sensitivity

Molecular Diagnostics

We offer advanced Molecular Diagnostics, detecting specific genetic sequences for accurate disease diagnosis and effective treatment planning.


Our Histopathology service provides microscopic examination of tissues, enabling precise understanding of diseases and personalized treatment.


Through Cytopathology, we study cells to detect abnormalities, leveraging modern techniques for accurate diagnostic results.


Our Immunohistochemistry service utilizes antibodies to detect specific proteins in tissues, aiding in the diagnosis and management of various diseases.

Autoimmune Disorders

We provide comprehensive testing services for Autoimmune Disorders, using state-of-the-art tools to accurately detect and monitor these diseases.


Our Immunoassay services facilitate early disease detection, monitoring disease progression, and evaluating treatment efficacy.

Microbiology (Routine & Specialized)

We offer advanced Microbiology services to ensure the accurate diagnosis of infectious diseases, contributing to effective disease management.

Protein Chemistry

Our Protein Chemistry service analyzes proteins to detect health concerns, supporting the diagnosis and monitoring of various diseases.

Clinical Chemistry

In Clinical Chemistry, we examine bodily fluids for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, providing reliable results for your health


Our Haematology service provides a comprehensive study of blood and related diseases, ensuring accurate diagnosis and monitoring of hematological conditions.


We offer comprehensive Coagulation testing to evaluate your body’s ability to clot blood, diagnosing conditions that can cause excessive bleeding or clotting.

Infectious Disease Testing

Our Infectious Disease Testing service ensures effective detection of harmful pathogens, contributing to successful treatment and public health control.