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Aarogya Vaidya – Senior Citizen Health Package

Ideal For
Male/Female of 50+ age
Fasting: 8-10 hrs

Tests Parameters
67 Parameters
Package Overview

The Aarogya Vaidya – Senior Citizen Package is a comprehensive health package for senior citizens. It includes tests for blood health, diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid, urine analysis, kidney health, liver health, bone health, vitamin levels, iron profile and PSA profile. The package aims to assess various aspects of senior citizens’ health and provide valuable insights for further evaluation or treatment.

67 Test Parameters

Complete Blood Count(CBC) (24 Tests)
  1. Lymphocytes

  2. Packed cell Volume

  3. TLC

  4. RBC Count

  5. White Blood Cells (WBC)

  6. MCV

  7. MCH

  8. MCHC

  9. Platelet Count

  10. MPV

  11. RDW

  12. Neutrophils

  13. Monocytes

  14. Eosinophils

  15. Basophils

  16. Absolute neutrophil count

  17. Absolute lymphocyte count

  18. Absolute monocyte count

  19. Absolute eosinophil count

  20. Absolute basophil count

  21. ESR

  22. Plasma Cell

  23. Red cell distribution width (RDW-SD)

  24. Red cell distribution width (RDW-CV)

Diabetes Profile (3 Tests)
  1. Glycosylated Haemoglobin(HbA1c)

  2. Mean Blood Sugar
  3. Fasting Blood Sugar
Lipid profile (6 Tests)
  1. Cholesterol 

  2. HDL cholesterol 

  3. LDL cholesterol

  4. Triglyceride

  5. VLDL cholesterol

  6. Total cholesterol/HDL ratio

Thyroid health (4 Tests)
  1. Total T3

  2. Total T4

  3. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

  4. PTH (Parathyroid Hormone)
Complete urine Analysis (5 Tests)
  1. Glucose

  2. Urobilinogen

  3. Protein

  4. Ketone 

  5. Specific gravity

Kidney detailed (5 Tests)
  1. Creatinine 

  2. Uric acid 

  3. BUN/ creatinine 

  4. Chloride

  5. Sodium 

Liver detailed (10 Tests)
  1. Bilirubin – Total

  2. Bilirubin – Direct

  3. Bilirubin – Indirect

  4. SGOT- Aspartate Transaminase (AST)

  5. SGPT- Alanine Transaminase (ALT)

  6. Alkaline Phosphatase

  7. GGTP (Gamma GT)

  8. Albumin

  9. Globulin

  10. A/G Ratio

Bone health (3 Tests)
  1. Phosphorus(inorganic)

  2. Calcium Total

  3. 25 Hydroxy-Vitamin D

Vitamin (3 Tests)
  1. Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)

  2. Vitamin D3

  3. Folic Acid

Iron profile (1 Tests)
  1. Serum iron

PSA Profile (2 Tests)
  1. Free PSA

  2. Total PSA

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure


Why is it important for women to undergo the Aarogya Vaidya - Senior Citizen Package?

The package is important for women as it provides a comprehensive assessment of various aspects of their health. It helps in early detection and prevention of potential health issues, allows for timely intervention and treatment, and provides valuable insights for overall well-being

How long does the package take to complete, and what is the general procedure?

The duration of the package may vary depending on the healthcare provider and specific circumstances. Typically, the tests can be completed within a few hours or a day. The general procedure involves providing blood and urine samples for analysis, and in some cases, additional tests may be required based on the initial results.

Are there any specific preparations or precautions that need to be taken undergoing the tests?

Preparations or precautions may vary depending on the specific tests and the healthcare provider’s instructions. Typically, fasting for a certain period before blood tests is required, especially for glucose and lipid profile tests. It’s best to consult with the healthcare provider for precise instructions regarding preparations or precautions.

How frequently should women consider getting the Aarogya Vaidya - Senior Citizen Package done?

The frequency of undergoing the package depends on individual factors, such as age, medical history, and any existing health conditions. It is generally recommended to consult with a healthcare provider who can assess the patient’s needs and provide personalized recommendations for the optimal frequency of undergoing the package.

What can the Complete Blood Count (CBC) reveal about a woman's overall health?

CBC provides valuable information about the composition of blood, including red and white blood cell counts, hemoglobin levels, and platelet counts. Abnormalities in these values can indicate various conditions such as anemia, infections, immune disorders, or blood-related diseases.

How soon can I expect to receive the results of the tests included in the package?

The turnaround time for test results may vary depending on the healthcare provider and the specific tests being conducted. In general, you can expect to receive the results within a few days or up to a week. However, it’s best to confirm the expected timeframe with the healthcare provider or laboratory where the tests are being conducted