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Aarogya Vaidya – Full Body Health Check-up Package

X-ray & ECG (INR 499/- Additional charges)

Ideal For
M/F of age 25-50 yrs
Fasting: 8-10hr
Tests Parameters
68 Parameters

Comprehensive and Affordable Full Body Checkup Services in Mumbai – Dr. Vaidya’s Laboratory

At Dr Vaidya’s Laboratory, we specialise in providing comprehensive full-body checkups in Mumbai, Thane & Borivali tailored to meet the health needs of our diverse clientele. Our health checkup packages in Mumbai are designed to offer a complete assessment of your health, ensuring early detection and prevention of potential health issues.

Why Opt for Our Full Body Checkup in Mumbai?

Our full body checkup Mumbai package is a thorough health assessment program. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a detailed and complete body checkup in Mumbai, encompassing various health aspects to ensure your well-being.

Package Overview

The Aarogya Vaidya – Whole Body Check-up Package includes an extensive range of tests that provide detailed insights into various aspects of your health. It covers blood health, diabetes, cholesterol levels, thyroid function, urine analysis, kidney function, liver health, iron profile, bone health and vitamins. The results help identify potential health issues and guide further evaluation or treatment.

Detailed Overview of Our Health Checkup Packages in Mumbai:

Comprehensive Full Body Checkup Mumbai: This all-encompassing package is perfect for a complete health overview. It includes a variety of tests that cover critical health markers.
Customised Health Checkup Plans Mumbai: Understanding that each individual has unique health needs, we offer customisable health checkup plans in Mumbai, allowing you to focus on specific health concerns.
What Our Whole Body Checkup Includes: Our whole body checkup package is meticulously designed to include a range of tests, from blood work to vital organ function assessments, ensuring a holistic health evaluation.

Excellence in Health Checkup Services:

Tailored Health Checkup Packages in Mumbai: We provide a range of health checkup packages in Mumbai, each designed to cater to different health requirements, from preventive screenings to comprehensive health assessments.
Expert Medical Team: Our team of healthcare professionals including pathologists, Microbiologist are dedicated to providing accurate and reliable results for your full body checkup in Mumbai.
Advanced Medical Facilities: Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our clinic offers a comfortable and efficient experience for your health checkup in Mumbai.

68 Test Parameters

Complete Blood Count (CBC) (24 Tests)
  1. Lymphocytes
  2. Packed cell Volume
  3. TLC
  4. RBC Count
  5. White Blood Cells (WBC)
  6. MCV
  7. MCH
  8. MCHC
  9. Platelet Count
  10. MPV
  11. RDW
  12. Neutrophils
  13. Monocytes
  14. Eosinophils
  15. Basophils
  16. Absolute neutrophil count
  17. Absolute lymphocyte count
  18. Absolute monocyte count
  19. Absolute eosinophil count
  20. Absolute basophil count
  21. ESR
  22. Plasma Cell
  23. Red cell distribution width (RDW-SD)
  24. Red cell distribution width (RDW-CV)
Diabetes Profile (3 Tests)
  1. Glycosylated Haemoglobin (HbA1c)
  2. Fasting Blood Sugar
  3. Mean Blood Sugar
Lipid profile (6 Tests)
  1. Cholesterol
  2. HDL cholesterol 
  3. LDL cholesterol
  4. Triglyceride 
  5. VLDL cholesterol
  6. Total cholesterol/HDL ratio

Thyroid health (3 Tests)
  1. Total T3
  2. Total T4
  3. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
Complete urine analysis (7 Tests)
  1. Color 

  2. PH

  3. Glucose 

  4. Ketone

  5. Protein urine 

  6. Specific gravity 

  7. Urobilinogen

Kidney Detailed (7 Tests)
  1. Creatinine 

  2. GFR

  3. Uric acid

  4. BUN/ creatinine

  5. Chloride

  6. Sodium

  7. Urea
Liver detailed (8 Tests)
  1. Bilirubin – direct

  2. Bilirubin – indirect 

  3. Total Bilirubin
  4. SGPT (AST)

  5. SGOT (ALT)

  6. Total protein 

  7. Alkaline phosphatase

  8. A/G ratio

Bone Health (2 Tests)
  1. Phosphorus

  2. Calcium

Vitamin (3 Tests)
  1. Vitamin B12

  2. Vitamin D3
  3. Folic Acid
Iron Profile (4 Tests)
  1. Iron

  2. Total Iron Binding Capacity
  3. TIBC
  4. Ferritin
Blood Pressure

This test includes Blood Pressure checkup.

Frequently asked question:

How can I book the Aarogya Vaidya - Whole Body Check-up Package?

To book the Aarogya Vaidya – Whole Body Check-up Package
, you can visit the website or contact the healthcare provider or diagnostic lab that offers the package. They will guide you through the booking process, provide information on available time slots, and assist you in scheduling an appointment. For any further queries or assistance, you can reach out to their dedicated customer support team

How long does it take to get the results of the Aarogya Vaidya - Whole Body Check-up Package?
Generally, it takes a few days to process the tests and generate the report. You can inquire about the estimated turnaround time when booking the package.
What can the Complete Blood Count (CBC) tests in the Aarogya Vaidya - Whole Body Check-up Package detect?

The Complete Blood Count (CBC) tests in the Aarogya Vaidya – Whole Body Check-up Package
provide valuable information about your blood health. They measure parameters such as red blood cell count, white blood cell count, hemoglobin levels, platelet count, and various other blood cell types. These tests can help detect conditions such as anemia, infections, inflammation, and other blood disorders.

Will the Aarogya Vaidya - Whole Body Check-up Package tests be conducted in a single visit?

The Aarogya Vaidya – Whole Body Check-up Package
tests are typically conducted in a single visit. However, depending on the lab or healthcare provider, there might be cases where certain tests require additional visits or follow-up appointments. It is advisable to confirm the details and scheduling with the provider when booking the package.

Can I customize the Aarogya Vaidya - Whole Body Check-up Package according to my specific needs?

The Aarogya Vaidya – Whole Body Check-up Package
is typically offered as a standardized package with a specific set of tests. However, some healthcare providers or diagnostic labs may offer the flexibility to customize the package to some extent. It is best to inquire with the provider about any customization options available and discuss your specific health concerns or requirements.

How should I prepare for the Aarogya Vaidya - Whole Body Check-up Package tests?

Preparation requirements for the Aarogya Vaidya – Whole Body Check-up Package
tests may vary depending on the specific tests included. In general, fasting may be required before certain tests such as fasting blood sugar or lipid profile. It is recommended to follow the instructions provided by the healthcare provider or lab conducting the tests. They will provide you with specific guidelines regarding fasting, medication intake, or any other preparations necessary for accurate test results

Booking Your Health Checkup in Mumbai:

Scheduling a complete body checkup in Mumbai is straightforward with Dr. Vaidya’s Laboratory. Whether you’re interested in a specific health checkup plan in Mumbai or our extensive whole-body checkup, we’re here to assist you. You may book your whole body checkup from here or you may call our helpline no. 1800 266 8992

Choose Dr. Vaidya’s Laboratory for your next health checkup in Mumbai. Our commitment to providing top-notch full body checkups and health checkup packages in Mumbai ensures that you receive the best care and comprehensive health insights.